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Peeling Treatments

Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Care offers the most advanced and effective peels in Santa Clarita. Peels have been proven effective in reducing or even eliminating the appearance of brown spots, superficial lines, acne and small scars. With a wide array of peeling agents available, we are certain we can help rejuvenate your skin leaving it smoother and younger looking.

While lasers and chemical peels often have the same effects on reducing aging skin, smoothing wrinkles, reducing acne, treating scars and improving discolored areas, chemical peels are a more gentle and less expensive approach than laser treatment.

Microdermabrasion with Peel
To achieve maximum results, we can combine a customized peel for your skin condition with microdermabrasion.

Beta Lift Peel
Ideal for acne and oily prone skin types, this salicylic acid peel provides optimum results by exfoliating the skin’s surface, revealing fresh and healthy skin.

Glycolic Peel
This peel is deal for reducing scars, brown spots, dull texture and superficial lines caused by exposure to the sun.

Vitalize Peel
The unique Retin-A peel achieves dramatic results in reducing superficial lines, decongesting pores, clearing acne breakouts and lightening age spots. Following a short recovery time with flaking skin, your oskin will be left smooth and soft to the touch.