Microdermabrasion is especially for those with skin that has sun damage, age spots, fine lines, acne or a rough texture. We utilize the most advanced microdermabrasion equipment, available only in a physician’s office.

Microdermabrasion gently exfoliates the uppermost layer of skin and removes dead skin cells to reveal a healthier appearance; revitalizing the skin and encouraging blood flow. We will consult with you on the treatment plan we feel will achieve your desired results.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that offers no downtime following treatment. Some patients may experience a slight warming sensation as the microdermabrasion brushes exfoliate the skin. The length and number of treatments depends solely on each individual’s condition.

As the new layer of skins appears it will be more sensitive and require more protection from the sun. Use moisturizing creams to keep your skin hydrated and to help prevent any possible irritation. Your esthetician or the Cosmetic Counter Consultant can recommend sun screens and moisturizers that will be appropriate for your skin type.

Side effects are very rare and will not occur if properly performed by a qualified and licensed esthetician, such as those in our office. Temporary side effects may include mild redness, swelling, minor discomfort and bruising. More serious side effects can include scarring, changes in pigmentation and persistent redness.

In some instances, we use microdermabrasion in conjunction with other treatments, such as:

Microdermabrasion with Peel
To provide maximum results, it may be necessary to combine your traditional microdermabrasion treatment with a customized peel relevant to your skin condition.