Scar Prevention and Wound Healing

As with all surgery, a mark or scar remains after healing. Mohs Micrographic Surgery leaves the most minimal scar because the least amount of normal tissue is removed. Even following extensive surgery, advanced wound closure techniques generally result in scars that are quite acceptable. Through the body’s own healing properties natural remodeling and improvement often occurs over six to twelve months.

Wound healing and the final appearance depends significantly on your health and habits. People who smoke either currently or formerly heal slower and often have suboptimal results. Some people naturally heal with thickened or keloid scars. Your overall health status, age, and ability to care for the wound are important.

We offer scar prevention treatments to help minimize any scar and achieve optimal results. We can guide you with a wound healing program using the latest treatments in the immediate post operative period and for the early months after. Early laser treatments within days after stitch removal is well documented in scientific studies to reduce scarring and redness.

Should a noticeable scar occur, we have a variety of lasers to help as well as injections and surgical methods to treat elevated or indented scars. Here at the Mohs Micrographic Surgery of America we work with you for the most effective result.

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