Cancer, Cure Rate and Scar

Mohs surgery is the most highly effective treatment for various types of skin cancer, with a cure rate of up to 99% for certain lesions. Due to the fact that the Mohs procedure is micrographically controlled, it provides the most precise methods for removal of the cancerous tissue, while sparing the greatest amount of healthy tissue. For this reason, Mohs surgery may result in a significantly smaller surgical defect and less noticeable scarring, as compared to other methods of skin cancer treatment.

Almost 2 million Americans suffer from skin cancer each year. Fortunately, most are the minor type known as a Basal Cell Carcinoma which will not spread internally but can send roots deep below the skin. A somewhat more insidious cancer is the Squamous Cell Carcinoma which may occasionally spread to other area. The most serious cancer is Melanoma, which may be almost 100% curable, but deadly if not diagnosed early. Fortunately all these cancers begin at the skin’s surface, so early diagnosis is possible. Our best advice: Let us examine any new or changing skin spot, especially if you are fair complected and have a history of sun exposure.

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