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ADCC Conquer Your Fat Program

This program features unique procedure combinations that focus on helping to decrease unwanted fat including love handles, double chins, braw bulges, thighs, and belly circumference.

Conquer The Fat Procedure Combinations:

Vanquish and Kybella – Size Me Down

  • Decrease belly circumference and get rid of back fat, braw bulges, and fatty thighs with Vanquish.
  • Say good bye to double chins with Kybella.
  • The target end result is to decrease belly size while also cutting down the visible bulges. We also treat the chin area (if you have decreased other embarrassing fat areas, why leave a double chin hanging around).

Vanquish and Cool Sculpt – Fight the Bulges

  • Target those annoying fat bulges with the Vanquish and Cool Sculpt combination.
  • Use Vanquish to attack the back fat and braw bulges.
  • Use Cool Sculpt to get rid of love handles, side fat, and belly bulges.
  • The goal of these package is to decrease the bulging areas that are typically visible.

Vanquish and Cool Sculpt – Round No More

  • Focus on that stomach with a series of Vanquish first and then finish the job with Cool Sculpt
  • Vanquish is used on the lower stomach to decrease the circumference.
  • Once the stomach size has been decreased, Cool Sculpt is used to target the more difficult area such as belly and sides.
  • The objective of this package is a smaller and tighter stomach area.