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Can skincare products really help against aging?

Skincare companies are constantly telling us about their latest “wonder cream” or “new” ingredient, but how can you tell if they work. First, let me tell you about how products are tested. For claims about increasing moisture, often times participants are told to discontinue all skincare products for several weeks before the trial starts. This is to make sure no prior product will influence the test. But in fact, since NO previous product was used, by simply putting almost anything on will increase moisture. Companies will perform many types of tests on their products, but may choose to only highlight one or two making it seem the latest and greatest, when in fact their product may be inferior on all of the other tests. So what is a consumer to do? If you don’t want to have to go thru pages and pages of research and studies yourself, go to someone who does. Does the place where you purchase your skincare have a person specifically trained in skincare? Do they have access to the latest clinical data? How often do they attend conferences/seminars/training? (and not just from ONE skincare line)

So, can products really help against aging? Yes, the right ones can. A common question in my practice is if a specific product is good, example, “Is Lubriderm or Cetaphil a good moisturizer?” and my answer would be: as a moisturizer, yes; but as an anti ager, no. So what does that mean? It means that moisturizer alone is only a small piece of the puzzle. It will provide hydration, period. But to really fight the hands of time you need ingredients such as Retinol (helps stimulate collagen), Vitamins C&E fight free radicals by preventing new damage, an exfoliant to help aid in cell renewal (as we age this process slows and can make skin drier/wrinklier/coarser), sunscreen with Zinc, there are others and products are chosen based on a specific person’s needs. In a nutshell Retinol tells our skin to make new collagen, but we need Vitamin C to make that new collagen. New studies have shown that fat soluble C is better penetrating that water soluble, so here is an example why where you buy your skincare from makes a difference. At our office we are constantly approached from companies that want us to sell their products. We do a thorough analysis and if they pass our critical judgment, we will bring them in. So if you are one of those people that just use a moisturizer, that’s OK, but you can be doing much better and it will show on you face.

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