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Great combinations

By Bernard I. Raskin, M.D.

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, Milk & Cookies, Gin & Tonic, all great combinations. When we hear these words together their impact is much greater than individually. The same goes for treatments. Many people think that one laser “does it all”, but in reality it’s a combination that gives that “wow” result. As we all age several things happen. Our skin’s surface becomes weathered, blotchy, spotted, rough and crepe. That is what proper skincare products, peels, microdermabrasion, or if more severe, laser resurfacing can treat. As we continue to age we start to lose collagen, fat, and even bone. Our face starts to look more angular, drawn, and starts to sag. That is when we add volume with injectable fillers. Lastly the skin starts to stretch and that is where surgery or the less invasive Thermage comes into the picture. To age in the most inconspicuous way, you should start early with proper skincare, then add things in slowly as needed. Those people that look fabulous and appear to be aging really well are the ones who are probably doing a little something. Maybe a peel or IPL every couple of months. A little Botox or Dysport about 3 times a year. Then adding some subtle fillers usually starting in their late 30’s. No one would ever guess any of these things are being done, and that’s the point, Very Natural. So it’s not just one treatment that does it all, it’s the combination that gives the most natural, youthful you that you can be.
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