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Sculptra Aesthetic “Anti-age for the modern age”

By Bernard I. Raskin, M.D.

At Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Care our expertly trained staff uses Sculptra in a very unique and cutting-edge manner. Over the past decade, we have learned that facial aging is not just sagging but rather a combination of volume loss, gravitational laxity, and skin changes. Sculptra is a collagen stimulator whose properties allow for a natural, gradual and discreet facial rejuvenation, which is why it is so popular among celebrities. Unlike other fillers, Sculptra works by stimulating the body to produce its own collagen that reverses the signs of aging by restoring facial volume loss. Sculptra is used to contour and reshape hollows and depressions in the cheeks, temple, laugh lines and jaw lines (jowls, marionette). At Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Care our staff has injected numerous patients with Sculptra and has had tremendous outcomes with great patient satisfaction in men and women.

The injection procedure is completed in office and typically requires three to six treatments spaced about a month apart. Each treatment usually takes around 20-30 minutes, and allows the patient to return home or to work almost immediately after the treatment. Most normal activities can be resumed as well.

Hands are a telltale sign of age. By utilizing a combination of Sculptra, skin resurfacing and pigment targeting lasers, we can reverse decades off your hands restoring youthful volume, removing unwanted pigment and softening the look of tendons and veins. The rejuvenative effects can be particularly dramatic.

We are pleased to offer this new facial anti-aging option in our office. Please call us now to schedule your complementary consultation to learn more and discuss if Sculptra Aesthetic is right for you.

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