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The Difference between Male & Female Skin

By Bernard I Raskin, M.D.

When it comes to skincare, everyone is not created equal. Both men and women should be concerned with the health and status of their skin, but men also need to be careful as to what types of products they are using and how it will react with their skin. The first step towards proper skincare is to know how male and female skin functions and how they differ.

Because the vast majority of skincare customers are women, it’s no wonder that everyone young and old is aware of how a woman’s skin functions, ages and reacts to various beauty products. But what about male skin? A man’s skin is about 20% thicker than a woman’s and is usually firmer because it is richer in collagen and elastin levels. This is why many men tend to age without as many deep-set wrinkles and fine lines as women, although the success of aging gracefully for any man also lies in how well he has taken care of his skin over the years.

As a result of how the male skin is structured, it may to be more oily and prone to breakouts than female skin. In terms of skincare, deep cleansing is a must for men. By maintaining a daily deep cleansing routine, men can continue to enjoy a clear and healthy complexion. Even though men aren’t as prone to the signs of aging like women are, that doesn’t mean they are completely immune. Men should also incorporate AHA’s and BHA’s (Alpha and Beta Hydroxyls Acids) in to their regimen to help avoid ingrown hair’s caused by shaving.

Despite these differences in male and female skin, it often does not matter what kind of skincare products are used. It is perfectly fine for a man to use a skincare product designed for female skin. At Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Care, Dr. Raskin offer’s products that cater to the thicker, oilier and larger pores of a man’s complexion. Please feel free to come in and speak with one of our experienced cosmetic staff members.

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