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Why Everyone Should Include a Product Regimen into Their Skin Care Routine

Acne is the number-one skin disease in the world and is an equal opportunity offender. It does not discriminate against race, age or gender and unfortunately, acne is chronic too — meaning it is reoccurring and persistent.

However, as acne never gives up, neither can its possessor and in order to fight those pesky pimples, a daily skin care regimen must be followed. The repetition of a product regimen is a vital component to beautiful skin and once the right combination is discovered, acne can be controlled and skin will become clear.

We’ll give you some suggestions for finding the correct products for your skin care regimen in the next blog titled Dr. Raskin’s Must Have Products, but first let’s focus on why a skin care regimen is so key to clearing the skin.

Just like you brush your teeth twice a day, you must acquire a clear-skin habit just the same. And while you first must find the right combination of medicines and skin-care products, you must then be diligent with your skin care regimen. Repetition is an important component, nearly as essential as finding that perfect combination. Why? Because your skin does not become clear because your acne is cured, it’s clear because your skin care products are working and your skin care regimen is disciplined. Remember, acne is chronic and the only way to control is, is to continually treat it.

Additionally, a daily skin care regimen is essential because of our skin being constantly exposed to sun, pollutants and free radicals, or clogged by make-up and dirt. These exposures also lead to visible signs of aging, like wrinkles and discoloration. But if you regularly treat those signs of aging with proper skin care products as part of your regimen, they will become less visible and your skin more youthful.

So, now that we all understand why it is so vital to adhere to a daily skin care regimen, next up is figure out what that perfect skin care regimen is. Dr. Raskin and his team of skin care professionals will do just that, so call  661-254-3686 today to schedule an appointment.