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Winter skin care

Many don’t realize that as we are enjoying the summer sun, we are damaging our skin, causing brown spots, fine lines, and roughness. As summer ends we often notice our skin appears blotchy, spotted and dry. Winter is the time to work on improving damaged skin. There are many options ranging from mild peels to aggressive lasers. The more aggressive the treatment, the greater the result we can expect.

One option to deal with these conditions is to resurface your skin. By removing the older top layers of skin, a newer, younger looking skin is revealed. For example, a series of light chemical peels will address fine lines and brown spots. We offer a package which includes 3 Vitalize Peels and a prescription skin care regimen for $580.

A slightly more aggressive approach is a mild laser resurfacing treatment. This laser can etch away fine lines and create a smooth, new surface. We are currently offering a special which includes 3 lasers and Skin Medica TNS recovery complex to aid in healing and build collagen for $1,250.

A much more aggressive treatment is the Fractionated C02 laser which helps improve wrinkles, lines, texture, roughness, and pigment. This laser starts at $1500.

Winter is the perfect time to do laser treatments due to less sun exposure. Call for a free consultation to find the treatment that’s right for you so your skin will be bright and radiant by spring!
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