Laser Skin Care Just Got Better

Featured in SCV Magazine

Leading dermatologists recently discovered that treating skin discoloration and aging with two different advanced technologies during the same session offers significantly better results in much less time. Combining a Photofacial treatment with an Erbium skin rejuvenating laser can simultaneously reduce skin pigmentation and redness while smoothing out wrinkles.

Until now, single treatments took months to improve either skin discoloration or signs of aging; both conditions could not be addressed at the same time. Patients had to visit dermatologists or even a facial plastic surgeon over many months to see progress in one area before attempting the other. Double laser technology programs reduce patient downtime considerably.

The Photofacial is good for reducing pigmentation and redness by flashing an intense light beam onto the area. The Erbium laser resurfaces the skin to smooth out superficial and fine wrinkling. When both procedures are performed simultaneously at full power, significant improvements occur. However, only a well-trained provider in both the Photofacial and Erbium technologies will be able to provide the results possible. Since few skin care facilities offer both technologies, you should check with your dermatologist to make sure they have the tools, the ability and the experience needed for this innovative program.

If you have more questions about double laser technology, call Dr. Bernard I. Raskin, renowned Board Certified dermatologist and founder of Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care in Valencia, at 661.254.3686 or visit their Web site at