Look Out! Summer is Coming!

Featured in SCV Magazine

Okay, summer may be a half-a-year away, but you should plan for it now! Why? Because there are many advantages to taking care of your skin now rather than waiting until summer is about to begin.

For one thing, Photofacials are safer and more effective on un-tanned skin than after it has been constantly exposed to the sun. Photofacials are designed to penetrate the skin surface to treat color and blood vessels without damaging the surface. Tanned skin may be more easily burned by a Photofacial laser. So, the settings on the machine must be lowered to avoid damaging the surface of the skin. Consequently, the results may not be as good. Since Photofacials require one treatment per month for five months, you can start now, be safer, and be ready, by April or May!

In addition, the Erbium laser, which is designed to gently remove the top layers of skin to smooth away wrinkles, should be used well in advance of the summer. During healing from the use of this laser, new skin layers appear to form smoother skin. Again, one treatment per month is needed over several months. This procedure is also best performed in less sunny months because the sunlight can cause the skin to discolor during the healing process, resulting in a possible blotchy appearance.

You may also want to enjoy the summer months without having to worry about shaving your legs. Unfortunately, laser hair removal for most patients requires an average of 4-6 sessions done approximately every 3-4 weeks. Start this process early and enjoy a razor-free summer!

Finally, leg vein treatment for most patients needs several sessions done approximately every 4-6 weeks. Plan these procedures early and you won’t be caught off guard when the weather calls for shorts!

As you can see, there is a great amount of planning required for the summer months. A good dermatologist will help you develop a plan that fits your summer skin goals well in advance of the summer months. Since all of these procedures have risk, check to see how often a physician is present at the facility. Make sure provisions exist if there is a problem after-hours, or on weekends. Keep in mind that Board Certified Dermatologists are the trained experts in skin.

So this year, plan ahead and take advantage of reduced winter prices. Pay now, and pay less! Check with your dermatologist about the kinds of programs they can develop for you in order to enjoy another hot summer in 2007. For more information about any of these procedures, call Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care at (661) 254-3686, or visit our Web site at www.CreatingBeauty.com.