Recent Advancements in Customized Skin Care

Featured in SCV Magazine

Skin analysis tools recently introduced to the marketplace are allowing dermatologists to develop customized programs to help you improve the condition of your skin, maximize the effectiveness of your diet and help prevent diseases.

Programs such as the Étude Skin Counseling software work with other devices to conduct a thorough analysis of your skin type and condition in order to compare it against people in your same age group to see how well your skin is ageing. The analysis is performed by taking extreme close up pictures of your skin with a special microscope, and then using a scanner to measure the moisture level, sebum (oil) level, and elasticity of your skin. After the analysis, your data is compared against a national database of information to help your skin care specialist recommend products and procedures that are right for you. The information can then be stored in a computer for future comparisons.

To enhance the skin analysis performed above, a dermatologist can also utilize the Bio-Photonic Scanner – the world’s first measuring tool that gives an immediate reading of carotenoid antioxidant activity. This scanner measures the anti-oxidant level on the inside of your body. This comes from a healthy lifestyle of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. When your body has high levels of carotenoids it has a greater ability to help prevent and/or fight cancer, heart disease, and lung disease. Not only are carotenoids in high levels good for your body, but they are also good for your skin. They work on the inside helping the deeper layers of your skin. You still need to use a topical (cream or serum) anti-oxidant to help the upper layers of your skin fight against free radicals, but working on both the inside and outside is the best thing for your health & beauty.

So make sure that your dermatologist or cosmetic care professional are familiar with these new tools and is properly trained in their use. To find out more about these skin analysis programs and your carotenoid level, call Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care at (661) 254-3686 or visit our website at