The skin you live in. [And the aesthetician that loves it.]

When you meet someone, even if you extend your hand in greeting, their first true contact with you… is your face.  No getting around it.  It is the upfront billboard that announces who you are, how you feel and often what you think (yes, that blush will give you away every time).  As such, it deserves a little more care and attention.  After all, you do want to put your best face forward, no?  Well, I’m here to tell you — a facial can be the way to do that.

Whether seeking a facial for dehydration, fine lines acne or hyperpigmentation one of the first things you want to do is find an aesthetician who will take the time to sit with you, do a detailed skin analysis and then customize the appropriate facial for your needs, which is why I was so happy to shake hands and make the acquaintance of the new aesthetician, Claudia Kinzer, of Advance Dermatology & Cosmetic Care in Valencia.

It was more than Claudia’s lifetime of work experience (which included her years as an aesthetician, spa and salon history) that convinced me she was the right person for my skin issues.  It was hearing her personal story of being a teenager growing up with acne and her search for improved skin.  Acne is the most common skin disorder in the United States, affecting 40 to 50 million Americans and while most associate acne with teens, it is not restricted to any age group and can affect people into their 50’s (as an adult, I’ve often said that at some point wrinkles and acne are going to fight for space on my face).  Because of her deeply personal relationship with her own skin, Claudia has dedicated her life to helping clients achieve the best results for theirs.  She works to customize facials, taking into account more than just skin type, but lifestyle and the level of commitment to follow-up care once a client leaves the peaceful sanctuary of her treatment room (which, by the way, has a lovely view of the mountains surrounding Santa Clarita and our brilliant blue skies).

One of my first questions about facials had to do with how much time the process would take.  I’m a busy person and, like my fellow Santa Claritans, can always find time to volunteer for things around town, but don’t always have the luxury of personal time.  Turns out, I could either schedule either a luxuriant 45 minutes, a decadent hour or book an entirely do-able half-hour express facial.  What?!  30 minutes?  I can definitely treat myself to a lunchtime facial to improve the health and overall appearance of my skin.  That, is going to be time well-spent.  And, when time allows I am so coming back for the relaxing, stress-relieving facial.  In fact, I’m going to purchase a gift certificate for my kid’s hardworking teacher.  Or that tireless coach.  Or…  Wait.  We were talking about taking time for ourselves, weren’t we?

Then, I summoned up the courage to ask Claudia some hard-core questions about the facial peels I keep reading about in magazines and ads.  The idea of a peel to refresh and renew my skin tone appeals to me, but if I opted for a peel, I wanted to know the honest truth about how much discomfort or down-time I was getting into with the flaking and peeling of it all.  Claudia looked me in the eye and let me know that even peels could be customized to suit my needs and lifestyle, with simple peels that involve a minimum of 2 to 3 days, or more intense treatments that take longer.

My last line of questioning had to do with the costs of facials (because I really did want to purchase this gift of a facial for myself and someone else).  I discovered that specialized packages of facials, peels and microdermabrasion were the best way to go, not just financially but also in terms of better skin results overall.

Well, yay me!  Claudia Kinzer and Advance Dermatology & Cosmetic Care have made it so that I now get to put my best (soon to be softer, brighter and healthier) face forward as this year progresses and I am very happy about that.


Theresa Katz